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Our Partnership

SC GRAND aims to deliver the best solutions for our partners when it comes to sustainable textiles. We can offer advice regarding the fabric compositions, colors, as well as finished products. We would like to see more organizations or fashion brands turn towards using sustainable textiles. By choosing SC GRAND and our products, we would be helping to reduce the negative impacts on our environment by using less natural resources. To grow sustainably, together.

SC GRAND can provide partners with numbers regarding the use of water, energy, and CO2 emissions compared to conventional materials. Partners can use this information to easily communicate with their audience to see their impacts on the environment. We have partnered with an international research organization to analyze Life Cycle Assessment on our material to get these verified numbers.


Sustainable Living

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SC GRAND by Yothaka

Home Textile Collection

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Closed Loop Project

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Closed Loop

The Closed Loop project with SC GRAND provides solutions for organizations and fashion brands that wanted to discard their textile waste such as unused clothes or fabric scraps. Old and unused uniforms or textile waste from the cutting process can be recycled and re-created into new fabrics or products, bringing back their values. New products can be apparel such as t-shirts, polo, shirt, or accessories such as caps and bags.

Brand Collaborations

Partners can choose fabric for the collaboration project from our various types of available-to-order fabrics. We offer multiple types of fabrics suitable for different products. However, if partners wanted to develop their own fabric for the project, our team can provide consultants to achieve the partner's requirements. We can ensure that all SC GRAND products can help reduce the negative impact on the environment.