Founder of company, Mrs. Vipha, has seen the value of textile waste since we have started the business and named the company after her husband name. She has established this company since 1987 or more than 30 years ago.

Now “SC GRAND” is run by third generation of family who turn the company to 100% recycled company. We emphasize in textile recycling and transform them into sustainable product which has good impact on the planet.

We have transformed all of these such as recycled cotton, recycled fabric waste, recycled fabric cloth, recycled polyester into sustainable product with good background story.

We have used the textile waste as raw material such as waste from spinning mill, weaving factory, garment factory, cutting waste, textile factories as well as recycled polyester materials.

  • We mainly produce and sell recycled fiber from textile recycling.
  • We mainly have service to recycled cutting waste into recycled fiber
  • We mainly have service of recycling for pre-consumer material and post-consumer material as foreign requirement and transform to recycled fiber.
  • We mainly produce and sell OE recycled yarn since Ne.2 – Ne.32  [ recycled 50%, other fiber 50% ]
  • We have partner with a few spinning mill who are capable in ring spinning and using our recycled fiber as raw material.
  • We have also collaborated with weaving, knitting, and garment factory in order to maintain the quality control for customer.
  • We serve, adjust and adapt as customer requirement in order to deliver the requirement fiber, yarn, fabric, cloth as customer prefer.
  • We sell 100% recycled cotton yarn from Ne2 – Ne16 [ use 100% recycling cotton fiber ]
  • We sell 100% recycled polyester / cotton yarn from Ne2 – Ne32 
  • We sell 100% recycled polyester yarn from Ne2 – Ne32
  • 100% eco-friendly yarn
  • 100% recycled yarn for jeans [ used waste from garment who are making jeans ]
    Environmental friendly yarn from natural fiber such as [ cotton waste , Hemp , Pineapple , Banana ]
  • Yarn from Food crop waste such as [ pineapple , banana ]
  • We have collected the cutting waste , sorting waste and other textile factory
  • We have recycled it and transform to recycling fiber by using our own technique and imported machine
  • We have blended it with other recycling material
  • We have spin it and have the recycled yarn as the result.
  • Moreover, we have collaborated with knitting , weaving and garment factory in order to transform into good sustainable product.
  • We do transform all kind of textile waste and food crop waste into valuable fiber , yarn and fabric

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of freshwater resources on the planet. More than 150 billion garments are produced annually, enough to provide 20 new garments to every person on the planet.

We have noticed that it take 2,700 liters of water to make one t shirt and unfortunately 20% of industrial water pollution in the world comes from treatment and dyeing of textiles. Textile industry may consume a quarter of the global carbon supply by 2050.

We would like to continuous creating the little good impact and awareness toward the society so we have collaboration with many textile company in Thailand.We also would like to be example of taking more responsible approach and slow down the flow of new materials as the first priority and turn to recycled material. We strongly believe that Recycled textile consume less energy and less water than any other yarn.

In order to provide full service to foreign company those wish to transform their company to 100% textile recycling company and Become the company who ensure that their brand using renewable or recycled material in sustainable ways.